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Project Reader for BlackBerry is the only viewer for Microsoft Project in the world!



Single BlackBerry License
Full License up to 50 installation 51 to 100 installation 101 installation or more
Light Edition €12 or $15  each €10 or $12  each €8 or $10  each
Graphics Edition n.a. n.a. n.a.

more than 500 licenses ? ask to us about the consuming license!

Ex. cost for 110 licenses:
  50 licenses= €600 or  $750  +
  50 licenses= €500 or  $600  +
  10 licenses=   €80 or  $100  =
     total cost €1180 or $1450

You can download the package (30 days trial) from download web page, after the expiration date you have to activate the product using an activation key (a different activation key for each installation). After the payment you can ask for the activation keys to activate your Light edition from your evaluation edition.

Download Single BlackBerry License Agreement 


One Time Upgrade
Light 8 € or 10 $ 
Graphic n.a. 
the upgrade license cannot be purchased directly, please ask to support.


Upgrade Subscription (one year)
Light 3 € or 4 $ 
Graphic n.a. 
starting from 1 full license you can purchase the Upgrade Subscription together your full licenses
starting from 5 full licenses you can purchase the Upgrade Subscription whitin 2 months after the expiration date of your upgrade
the renewal is not automatic
if you decide to do not buy the Upgrade Subscription together your full licenses, starting from 5 licenses you will receive the payment link to buy the Upgrade Subscription. The payment link will be available until 2 months after the expiration date of your current upgrade


About purchasing
  • for payment in Italy you have to add the VAT ( 21%).
  • about prices and payment: we accept EUR currency or USD currency. If you choose USD currency you have to use PayPal Service (PayPal requires a registration).
  • upgrade is free for six months from the date of your purchase.
  • an upgrade license may be purchased only if you have a full License.
You can buy Project Reader for BlackBerry as follows:
  • on line by Credit Card*, using SSL protocol 128 bit.
  • by wire transfer.
  • by BlackBerry App World

(*)Visa or Mastercard on Sella Bank - Only EUR currency is accepted.
     Visa, Mastercard, American  Express on PayPal system - EUR and USD are accepted.


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